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What Can Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Treat?

By David Mioduski,


Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can treat everything but life threatening conditions, is well known for treating pain, stopping smoking, drug and alcohol addiction, obesity, cosmetic and beautification issues like elimination of scar tissue, wrinkles, sagging skin, acne, skin disorders, anxiety and depression, infertility and women’s issues, stress management, fitness and sports enhancement, prevention of injuries, optimizing mental functioning and clarity, immune boosting, chronic allergies, can detoxify AND strength the body at the same time, and basically treats the root cause of all diseases and conditions without causing negative side effects.  It works by balancing out the body and unblocking that which is blocked: poor blood flow, poor nerve conduction, and poor energy flow.  Acupuncture points are like electrical switches in the body, which can sometimes short circuit and cause chronic pain or destructive behaviors like overeating or smoking.  I have over a decade of experience in treating all sorts of conditions successfully.  By utilizing my knowledge of western medicine and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), I am able to fuse the benefits of both.  My communication skills allow me to create trust and explain what is needed so that you may incorporate my knowledge into your daily life for long term health and harmony.  Many of you will choose Acupuncture or TCM because the western therapy is not working or to avoid negative side effects.  TCM is a safe, effective, and natural way of restoring health.  It empowers the patient to take control of their health and reduce reliance on drugs or other damaging treatments.  It’s more cost effective than conventional western treatmentIt treats the root cause of disease, not just masking symptomsIt prevents advanced diseases from developing by addressing symptoms in the early stages.  I had one patient who lost 25 kg after 2 months of acupuncture and taking herbs, and they reported having so much energy that they wanted to exercise.  Another patient had sagging skin, wrinkles, and circles under her eyes and very low self esteem.  After 2 months, she looked like a different person, reported an increase in energy and had a glowing sparkle in her eyes that she hadn’t had in 20 years. She also reported improved sleep and no depression anymore!  I have helped thousands of people like you to quit smoking, alcohol, overeating, resolve allergies, depression, anxiety, headaches and pain of all kinds.  I specialize in treating you who are fearful or sensitive of needles.  By using very fine needles, one experiences no pain.  Most people actually fall asleep or enter a deep state of relaxation once the needles are in.  Many who have had negative experiences with Chinese doctors who use a more aggressive style find that my acupuncture brings about a very blissful state without any pain or anxiety.  Most people find relief after the very first session, and many see complete remission of their symptoms very rapidly.  A series of eight treatments is sufficient to see long term results. I have successfully treated with patients diagnosed with chronic diseases like hypothyroidism, diabetes, or hypertension.  Many no longer need medications which they thought would continue for the rest of their lives.

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