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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in the Real World!

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture:  Powerful Natural Healing

By David Mioduski, Doctor of Oriental Medicine


Did you ever wonder if all these alternative therapies really work?  Many people are skeptical to say the least, but Traditional Chinese Medicine is gaining recognition worldwide as an effective, scientific, and valuable body of knowledge which is used to treat everything from pain and depression to cancer and infertility.  Its several thousand year old histories, combined with advances from modern technology have created the modern Chinese Medicine which utilizes the best of both worlds.  Western medicine is good at diagnosis, treating life threatening conditions, and pharmaceuticals have made vast improvements in our lives compared to the old days.  But there is also a vast abuse of pharmaceuticals and other petrochemicals in the world today.  Western doctors may want to help people, but often times the drugs do more damage than good.  As an example, many people are on cholesterol reducing drugs called statins.  These drugs may reduce cholesterol, but end up doing tremendous harm to the body by blocking absorption, impairing digestion, and end up having a detrimental effect on one’s hormone levels, digestive enzymes, and other side effects (like gallbladder disorders), especially when taken for years and years.  The alternative in Chinese medicine is to combine fats with foods that aid in the digestion and absorption (like green tea and hawthorn berries, for example), and by using herbal formulas and acupuncture to stimulate secretion of bile salts from the gallbladder.  Many people are now realizing that there are alternatives to drug therapy, especially for conditions like high blood pressure or depression.  More importantly, Western medicine does not understand the root cause of disease, thus it cannot really bring the body back into balance.  It is only when you quit taking a drug that the body tries to bring itself back to equilibrium.  For instance, if you take aspirin to reduce a fever, you are actually going against the body’s natural defense mechanism to raise internal temperature in order to kill off an infection.  If the fever is dangerously high, then maybe it’s a good idea to reduce it, otherwise, it is better to let the body do its thing.  In Chinese Medicine you would promote the outward movement of toxins by giving herbs which promote sweating and use acupuncture techniques which also boost the immune system and kill the invaders.  This approach works much better than just suppressing the symptoms of a cold or fever by actually getting rid of the toxins causing the problem and by making the body stronger in the end.  So often what we think of as medicine is actually a quick fix (reduce the fever or stop the pain with pain drugs, for instance) which is doing harm in the long term. Using any kind of drug for a long period of time is eventually very detrimental, and can be usually be avoided if one knows the principles of Chinese Medicine.  Many of the ideas we are fed by media, corporations, and governments are turning out to be geared towards greed and control, and by opening up our minds to the alternatives, we can make this world a better place.  Our health is at the core of this concept, so I invite you all to experience what has helped me and countless others, for many years already, and for many years to come.